Lucky Lilac

Lilac Doha


Company Policy

It is the policy of Lucky Lilac WLL to conduct its business at all times and throughout the country with honesty and integrity. In the Lucky Lilac, the Company has pledged that, "we will continue to be an ethical and responsible company."

The Company recognises it has a responsibility for all the actions of its employees in connection with the activities of the organisation. In view of this, the Company believes that the ethics demonstrated by our employees should give all clients, suppliers, colleagues, business partners and regulators confidence that the Company operates in a way that avoids any suggestion of improper or personal motives or actions.

Therefore, we are expected to conduct ourselves in accordance with this Code at all times.

  • Quality control management by the data.
  • Comprehensive research and continuing to develop new technologies and products.
  • Establish structures to ensure quality for all manufacturing processes.
  • Efforts to reduce the cost of each product by the continued modernization of the manufacturing systems.
  • Programs to ensure the quality of raw materials and components with our suppliers through contracts.